Dunedin Public Art Gallery Exhibition Wows

The Obliteration Room 2002-present is a dynamic artwork by leading contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama that transforms over time through the active participation of visitors.

If you're looking for an interactive activity for the whole family look no further that 'Kusama's World of Dots' on between the 7th of May - 7th of August at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. 

You are invited to enter the world of the artist and 'obliterate' an entirely white domestic space by adding colourful dot stickers to the furniture, objects and surfaces in this large-scale interactive installation.

The space gradually transforms through this interaction and the mass accumulation of coloured dots ultimately changes the white interior into an extraordinary blur of colours.

We recommend heading down to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery to check it out and while you're there why not stop in for lunch or coffee in the Octagon?